Family owned and operated since 1999, Global Foods Market has been St. Louis’ Premier International and Specialty Grocery Store.

With foods from over 50 countries from around the world you can find whatever you need for that unique recipe.

We are always scouring the globe to bring new, exciting, and popular international food and drink to the St. Louis area.

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We are proud to bring an expansive selection of international provisions to the St. Louis area. We only source the highest quality meats, dairy, produce, packaged goods, beer, wine, and candy.

Since opening Global Foods as one of the city’s original international markets 1970, our family has firmly rooted itself in St. Louis with establishments such as King & I restaurant, Oishi Sushi, Oishi Steakhouse, and United Provisions. We pride ourselves on our ability to help St. Louis expand its culinary horizons.

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